Planning for Your Wedding Day: How to Find a Photographer

rustic farm wedding texas wedding photographers wild horses elegant ...For many people, one of the most important vendors that they will hire for their wedding is the photographer. Your special day often goes by in a flash, and pictures are a great way to look back and reminisce about one of the best experiences of your life. If you are getting married soon and would like to find the nashville wedding photographers, this article can help. The following tips will make the selection process much easier.

One of the best ways to find a good photographer is to ask family and friends who they have used. You can also search online for names and then look for reviews from previous clients to determine if someone is worth investigating further or not. Once you have a list, make appointments to meet with each person that you think would be a good fit for you. Getting the chance to meet the individual face to face will help you form an initial impression of him or her and allow you to see if their personality meshes with your own. While the quality of their pictures is obviously important, you also have to get along with the individual as well if you want to have an enjoyable day.

If you find someone that you like, question them about the details of the arrangement. How soon will they be able to have the pictures edited for you? How much money is due up front and when is the final payment due? Does the individual have a cancellation policy and what happens if he or she has something come up and they can’t make the wedding? The only way to avoid being disappointed or upset is to make sure you fully understand the terms of your contract in advance. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary so that you know what is going on.

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I Hope This is Right

Have you ever done something at work before and wondered if you were doing it right or not? I work with people that do not tell me if I am doing anything right or wrong. I think that this is the worst thing, as I am new to the job and there are no people to train me correctly. Instead of training me in the small office that we have, the boss has decided to speak with everyone, like its a social hour instead of getting someone to train me. The entomology and rusty solomon are good examples of how proper training can pay off. I work in the financial services industry and while it is a good job, there are not a lot of people that I can trust to go to as I have people’s financial histories in my possession all the time.

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How I Hired the Best Photographer

It seems like everyone has a digital camera nowadays. Some have really nice cameras while others just use the camera feature on their cell phones. I take pictures often of my family, and my friends and family do the same. While these candid shots are really nice to have, I knew that I wanted to have a professional picture taken of our family. I did a search for a nashville family photographer and spent some time looking at the online portfolios on each one’s website.

I saw a lot of average pictures. I bypassed all of those, because I was not about to pay someone for something that I could get off my own cell phone. I knew right away when I found the photographer that I would be hiring to take our family photographs. I loved how the pictures were a mix of posed and candid shots. The photographer seemed to have the knack on just when to snap the picture. It was obvious just from the portfolio photos that the equipment being used is top of the line too.

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Good Business Vibes in the Music and Entertainment Industry

Business ventures that are aligned with supporting the music and entertainment industry are lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs. Events promotions is a option that can include the provision of varied services like talents for hosting an event, sound and audio technicians, DJs, work crew to handle the handling and setting up of equipment, distribution of fliers, and putting up promotional ads for both private and community activities.

Other ventures that are of the same nature include shops like NJ Photo Booths which are resources that can be easily tapped in a party or an advertising campaign for a manufacturer’s product. These enterprises are highly in need now because aside from the traditional festivities that people hold like weddings, baptisms, birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs, there is an increasing demand for the same services from private corporations who have recognized the effectiveness of social events in promoting their products and services. This scenario has created a surge in the demand for events planners and handlers.

Another enterprise that is also related to entertaining and which can give great return is to set up a recording studio that can be rented out to artists, DJs, and other institutions that require the recording and handling of different audio materials. The key to this particular business and others of its kind like a DJ equipment rental NJ, is a solid knowledge of quality audio recording equipment and studio monitors. These are the major investments for this line of business and they often define the quality of service and the satisfaction that the clients will get from using the equipment.

There are major considerations to think of when buying equipment for a recording studio which is high quality performance, For studio monitors for instance, it is important that the device is accurate, reliable and precise in reproducing sound because these are the qualities that the clients expect when they rent out your facility.

One of the more reliable brands in speaker monitors is KRK. They have produced several variations of their speakers according to size to suit different needs. For DJs, it is absolutely important to have a true reproduction of their creative mixes and they can only determine it when they listen to their mixes over a great pair of monitors. The KRK Rokit Series answers this need and gives excellent sound that is sure to satisfy any discerning client. The company has built its reputation for being sensitive to the needs of the music industry. So they married great style with excellent functionality to meet the most demanding of clients. Now, they easily command a loyal following for their different product lines and is go-to company for artists, audio technicians and DJs.

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Start a Website on Prints for Sale

sell prints online

There are a lot of art fanatics out there so it would not be such a bad idea to start a website involving prints for sale. You can buy and sell these paintings at an astonishing rate. You must have some good deals available for people to go to your site over the others who are also offering prints for sale. One good idea would be to have some awesome marketing strategies like a buy 1 take 1 rate. Of course, the price of one painting should be the price of two paintings so you still won’t lose out in the deal. You may need to have a Paypal account because that is where the customer will pay you.

The only problem is it would take 3 to 5 business days before the money gets back to your account. You have to be patient with some customers who would demand a lot of things because they know they worked hard for their money. On your website, you must give complete details about the paintings because customers would want to know a lot about each product. They want to know even the little details such as the exact date the painting was made and the name of the original painter. It is very possible the painting could be a replica of a very popular painting. If that is the case then the price of the print should be cheaper. In fact, if you are a good painter then you could do it yourself.

It would be wise to overprice some prints for sale because you know some customers are going to ask you to lower the price anyway. You must not agree to their preferred price for the item or you would not get much income. You must agree to a price that neither you or the customer lost out in the deal. Price is always where everyone would have a long conversation during deals because money is what makes the world go round so you can expect there to be a lengthy conversation here. Of course, you can expect the buyer to point out some factors that would make you decrease the price. In turn, you must also point out some factors about the paintings that would raise its value. Some prints for sale are so valuable that it would force you to think twice about selling them.

You could price it very high to see if anybody would bite. However, if nobody does then you can still display it at home if you think that would be a good option. You must have a good way of delivering it to customers who live far away from your place. When it gets to the customer, the prints should still be in good condition. If it does get damaged then you will receive a considerable amount of customer complaints. You must treat the customer as king because they are the ones who are making your business function. Without them, you won’t get any type of income.

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Get Creative with Custom Name Caps

A lot of businesses are feeling the brunt of the tough economic times and even cap manufacturers are aware of this. Compared to other athletic items though, caps seem recession-proof. Sales are still up and there are companies that still produce around 70,000 hats a week to meet the active demand for the item. To ensure that the demand remains high, some business owners are looking into other potential markets to sell globally. While it’s unlikely that they can fully saturate the market in the US, it helps to have a back-up market to cater to.

There are however, new trends in the preferences of buyers these days. Most would opt for the traditional designs over the highly colorful and busy ones. So now, producers are trying to predict the kind of design that would appeal to consumers to fit the evolving tastes and the more budget-conscious clients. Showy, loud designs are not selling as much as the ones with solid colors and simple designs. The good thing about this business is that the product is not perishable nor does it require immediate production. It can be manufactured as demanded so you don’t spend extra costs for storage and hiring employees for proper inventory and organization.

Enterprising owners play on the designs to widen their market. You can incorporate virtually any color and logo on a cap so customized designs are possible. The best selling models though are those with adjustable straps because it’s so much it easier to fit all shapes and sizes of heads. The more expensive models are often distinguished by stickers, these are also the pieces that die-hard fans save up for.

Feel like a winner when you snap up the highest number of registrants for Edge Snapbacks. They have a contest where you can win 250 custom name caps you can distribute to your friends. Click the photo below for more info:

custom site name caps contest

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Christmas Craft Ideas


School holidays are great opportunities to bond with your children. This can be easily done by doing crafts or art projects with them. You can make the activity more interesting by using different themes or seasons. A great time to create stuff is during the Christmas season. This time of the year is marked by a variety of traditions which include gift-giving, exchanging holiday cards, attending church activities and decorating homes with Christmas lights, tinsel and mistletoe.


There are a lot of craft ideas that you can use to decorate your dining table. Home-made place cards and placemats are a nice touch to any table. You can make this with your kids along with greeting cards to send to family and friends. A popular practice is having your family picture taken and printing it on special paper to serve as your holiday card. While department stores abound with nice looking cards and Christmas decorations, it’s always nice to add a personal touch to your holiday accessories.

You can make the dinner table more creative by using the season’s colors to set it up. Place settings highlighted with pinecones and glitter will give it an extra holiday feel. Doing holiday decorations with your family serves a double purpose, it can help take the edge off the stress that the holiday season brings and it gives you an opportunity to spend more time with your family. This creates a time for you to share ideas for cards and crafts which you can review and improve on over the years. It is a great tradition to start for the holidays.

Some easy ones involve just basic drawing and coloring. Take a large poster board and draw a Christmas scene on it. Your children can help in both the drawing and coloring. You can have this framed afterwards for display in a prominent space in your home. Another idea would be to make home-made Christmas stockings. Different family members can personalize their stockings by painting on it or sewing on beads and applying different designs using glitter pens. You can label them by sewing on alphabet beads afterwards.

Other craft projects include making special creations out of Christmas balls. You can glue on feathers, sequence, glass beads or write holiday greetings on them before hanging them on the tree. Fashion stars out of special paper and make greeting cards or gift tags out of them. Buy assorted Christmas-themed charms and beads in a crafts store and make bracelets and necklaces with younger kids. They can wear their creations afterwards or give them as gifts to special friends.

Stickers are always a great and handy decorating article to have. You can instruct younger kids to stick them on practically everything – greeting cards, presents, table place cards, holiday pictures, and even on themselves! Tree decorations also offer a challenging opportunity for both children and adults. Aside from edible materials such as gingerbread cookies or stringed popcorn which may not last you the entire holiday, you can create unique creations of items that have special meaning for different members of the family.

Tree Decor

For instance, a child who’s into ballet can probably hang a miniature ballet slipper on the tree. A souvenir from a place you visited on holiday can be another one. Your spouse’s passion for cars can be represented by a shiny toy car hanging on a bough of your Christmas tree. A small toy from your baby can be a worthy addition in the same way that a small wire whisk representing a love for baking does.

Visiting craft stores will reveal a bountiful resource to you. Punches in the form of trees and stars, bundles of papers with Christmas-themed decorations, holiday stickers and ribbons are all available for you to choose from.


Decorating your own Christmas wreath is another great idea. You can buy the basic stuff from a store and add Christmas balls, ribbons, pinecones, or flowers as you see fit. A homemade wreath is also a great present to give to relatives. You can make smaller versions as a practical alternative.

In the end, regardless of what you make, you’ll end up with a unique and special present to give. Other homemade gift ideas can involve baking – making Christmas cookies and pastries is a popular choice. It satisfies the sweet tooth and is also a way to get family members to bond. The most important thing that homemade crafts and presents give, more than satisfying creative inclinations is the chance for family members to spend more time with each other, which ultimately, is what Christmas is all about.

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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Celebrating thanksgiving can be extra special when you add a personal touch to your preparations. You can plan out projects and kids’ crafts using the season’s symbols which you can later on use to decorate your home and the dinner table. Since the main point of the holiday is to express your gratefulness and appreciation for the blessings that you have in life, this is a good time to introduce the value of gratitude to your children. Planning varied activities such as needlework and other crafts can help you get in the spirit of things.

Thanksgiving Meal

Most of the preparation would involve the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which is traced back to 1621 when the first settlers celebrated a meal at Plymouth to give thanks for a good harvest season. This practice was carried on by immigrants through the years and it has evolved to become a widely celebrated holiday today. The current festivity is treated as a day for thanksgiving and prayer and is commemorated throughout the country.

The kitchen is the center of activity for the holiday where all sorts of food are prepared. The star of the dinner table is of course the turkey which you can cook with other members of the family. One person can focus on this while the rest prepare the different side dishes to go along with the meal. You can decorate your home with nature’s harvest by using pumpkins of different sizes or by collecting autumn blooms and placing them in a jar. Home-made place cards will also look lovely on the dinner table. This can be printed using a computer or you can write it by hand for a more personal touch.

Other projects that involve the dinner table include tying small pieces of gourd to a string that can be tied to the corners of a tablecloth. This is especially useful when you’re going to hold dinner outside the house. The gourds will make good decorative pieces and will also double as weights to ensure that your tablecloth stays in place.

Another activity that you can do long before thanksgiving dinner is to take digital pictures of different scenes such as groups of pumpkins on sale at a road stand, a bowl of corn, autumn leaves falling, a table laden with holiday food, or children in their costume for a school play. You can print these images, frame them and display them as a group on a wall. It will create a nice backdrop for the festivities.


Kids will surely enjoy themed-crafts which abounds from basic creations like hats to more time-consuming projects such as creating a turkey with assorted materials. You can fashion a turkey out of a paper bag by attaching four cut semicircles on the side of a paper bag. This will serve as the wings which you can decorate with feathers that can be bought at a crafts store. Choose orange, yellow and red feathers to make a nice effect for the wings. You can decorate the turkey further by painting it and adding glitters and beads. This project can easily go on top of the mantelpiece or shelf as a display piece.

Children can also keep busy by doing crafts using materials from nature such as autumn leaves and twigs. Big leaves can be folded to make toy fans. Kids will have fun creating this and having fun tumbling about outdoors. Another easy craft for them would to make pen or crayon holders. For this project, you need to do some prep work before the actual day.

Collect several cardboard tubes from tissue rolls and cut circular shaped and wing shaped pieces. Glue a circular piece to the bottom of each tube to make a canister and let it dry. On Thanksgiving Day, distribute the canisters to the kids and let them decorate it as the body of the turkey while coloring the wing pieces in red and orange. When this is done, assist in gluing the pieces together to finish the crayon holder. You can also host a turkey hat-making contest for the kids and have them wear their creations afterwards.

Invitation and thank you cards can be made in advanced using autumn symbols as decorations. You can easily print this from your computer but you have to make sure that you have enough time to get it done and have it sent out for your extended family and close friends.


One activity that’s becoming a trademark is creating a thanksgiving tree. This can be made from almost any material. You can ask the kids with the help of some adults to look for a dried tree bough. Wipe off the branch and put it in a pot or a large vase. Cut out leaf shaped pieces out of art papers in autumn colors such as tan, brown, dark orange or rust. Punch a hole in each leaf, put a string for hanging, and label each of the pieces for every member of the family. Just before having dinner, gather everyone before the tree to hold a special time. Make extra pieces so that other guests can participate in the activity. Start by briefly explaining the history of the holiday and encourage everyone to remember one thing that they are especially thankful for. Instruct them to write the reason on the leaf and hang it on the tree afterwards. End the activity with a prayer and an invitation to partake of the dinner.

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Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is a great time to invest in a hobby or recreational activity. The absence of the regular school schedule frees up a lot of time for children and parents take advantage of this opportunity to get kids involve in sports, music and other programs. A lot of children are sent to summer camps to gain experience on being independent and being away from home and to learn different skills and hobbies. A standard part of summer camp programs are arts and crafts. This involves different activities that allow children to creatively express their feelings and interests. It is a good foundation for the arts and can help define your child’s artistic expression.

Most summer programs cover activities like painting, coloring and drawing. Beadwork and accessory design are also introduced as part of camp activities. This forms just one aspect of the variety of events that are hosted in a summer camp. The highlight of the whole experience is a culmination night where all the kids get to participate to demonstrate their talents and the skills that they have learned in camp.

When planning out the summer activities for your children, it is easy to get caught up in the variety of programs and events that are available. Make sure that you strike the right balance to ensure that you still get to enjoy quiet moments at home with your kids. While camp is a worthwhile option, scheduling your own summer program works just as well. The objective for both activities is to get kids engaged in different tasks that can hone their talents or develop new skills for a hobby, sport or recreational pursuit.

If your kids are staying home for the summer, here are some arts and crafts suggestions:

• Sand Art is a new art form that is easy and fun to do even for younger kids. The multi-colored sand can be shaped into different forms and structures and remarkably ends up looking like wonderful works of art.

• Paper Art or Origami is always a welcome activity. You can start out with basic forms like the sailboat or a hat which kids can readily use. To make a boat more water –resistant for launching in a tub or a basin of water, try covering the bottom part with a layer of clear tape.

• Felt Creations. Have fun cutting and shaping animals, flowers and all sorts of fun items with your kids. You can glue the cut shapes on pillowcases, placemats, bags and even on plain white paper which can be simply framed for display in the family or children’s rooms. A novel idea would be to cut out felt flowers which can be threaded with colored beads to make necklaces or bracelets. This can be used later on as gift items to family members and relatives.

• Paper Plate Shapes. A great way to bring sunshine in your homes is to create a sun figure using paper plates. This is a hit especially with younger kids. Start by preparing paper plates, paints and paintbrush, assorted colored construction sheets, scissors, craft glue and a pair wiggle eyes. You can pre-cut the parts of the face like the nose and the mouth before your session starts so that you’ll be all ready for the sticking and painting parts. Your children will have a blast painting the paper plate yellow with hues of orange and red. When the paint dries up, you can stick on the wiggly eyes, nose and mouth. Finish up by tying a piece of string on your artwork so that your artists can hang their sun over their beds or near their window sills. This will ensure that they’ll have sunshine all summer long!

• Map for a Treasure Hunt game. Come up with a list of items that can be considered “treasures” by the kids. Hide them all over your house and yard and create a map to engage your kids in the game. Collecting them will be a fun and exciting activity both for you and your children. Make sure that you keep the items in safe areas though so that the participants won’t get hurt looking for them. If you have young kids in the group, marking the treasure spots with an “X” might come in handy. Great stuff to look for would be stuff toys, maybe a plastic fork or spoon, a ball of yarn or a rubber ball among others. Kids who successfully find these items get to take them home as prizes.

If you’re spending a lot of time at the beach, then decorating seashells is one way for your kids to make souvenirs of their time at the beach. They will have a great time searching for treasures on the shore. Start by gathering several big shells which will act as the base for all the other stuff you will find. Sand dollars, starfish, and assorted shaped small shells are perfect for decorating your masterpiece. Arrange and stick all of the collected sand treasures on the big shell by using craft glue. Sprinkle a bit of sand over the entire piece and personalize it by spelling out your kids name on the bottom using alphabet beads.

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Crafts for Toddlers

Image of Crafts for Toddlers

 Taking care of small kids involves more than just plain observation. You need to keep them busy and engaged so that they’ll stay out of trouble and out of areas where they can get hurt. An effective way to keep them busy is to get them hooked on crafts. There are varied forms and activities that you can experiment with. 


One of the most basic projects that you can do is to create animals and simple forms of vehicles using paste or glue. To make animals, you can attach black pom-poms to small rubber balls to form the eyes, nose and mouth. Or you can make a person by using paper plates, candy canes and pieces of ribbons. Join two paper plates by a running a ribbon through their center. The ends of the ribbons can be glued on top of two candy canes which will serve as legs. Seal the outer rim of the plates by using glue or stapling them together.

Another project that would be a success with kids is to make an indoor version of a snowman. You can cut out the basic snowman shape on craft paper and glue it to a placemat. You can help out the kids in this particular task. While waiting for the glue to dry, the children can cut out the different parts of the snowman’s face from pieces of colored fabric or felt. You can also help them create the different accessories such as the hat, mittens, and scarf out of rubber foam and create the broom using small pieces of wood.


The important thing to remember when doing crafts is that it shouldn’t be limited to just being educational. It really helps if it’s a fun activity as well. So even if children cut out the parts wrong or paste them crookedly on paper, it’s okay so long as they are enjoying themselves. Crafts can be instrumental in developing their artistic sense which is why it’s important to nurture it properly. Search online for crafts you can do at home. There are materials that you buy online or if you want to personally choose the materials, shop for it yourself at bookstores and craft shops.

Alternative activities that are just as fun are cake decorating and candy making. You can easily shop for the stuff that you need for this event at groceries and superstores. These are perfect for toddlers because they are hands on experiences. It is generally difficult for younger children to do a lot of activities because their coordination and balance is not yet developed at this stage so keeping their hands busy by working with cream and sprinkles and chocolates pieces will do wonders for them.
Before starting an activity, make sure that you have all the materials that you need within an arm’s reach so you can demonstrate what to do and distribute the stuff easily to your kids. Take it one step at a time so they can follow what you’re doing. You might even learn a thing or two from your children while doing a project with them.

In this digital age, it has become practical to get children started in photography early since the images can be stored digitally and won’t all require printing. Take a point and shoot camera and walk around town to talk pictures of different people and places of interest. After your stroll, you can make a collage of the pictures first on the computer and print them later if you’ve chosen the best of the lot. Doing activities like these can help strengthen your bond with your children and teach them the value of family activities.

Unstructured activities are a critical part of child development and should be done for toddlers and young kids. It encourages them to be creative and to express themselves through different means. Some pointers to remember when holding art activities for young kids are:

• Make sure that the materials that you’re going to use are safe for children. Check out the labels of crayons and paints to make sure that they are lead-free and does not make permanent stains
• If you have to use adhesives to connect materials, use glue or paste. If you have to use a glue gun, do this as part of the prep work to minimize the exposure of the kids to potentially harmful gadgets.
• Working with paper is always a safe bet. You can draw, create, paste, and fold paper to come up with portraits, masks, paper dolls and different forms of folded animals. Brush up on Origami so you can demonstrate it to your children, from the basic airplane to the swan, you can readily check out instructions via the Internet.
• When you’ve gotten all the materials right – go have fun. Encourage them to brush, smear and smudge the paint all over a canvas or whatever material they are using, preferably not on other people.
• Display their works of art so they will recognize their work and develop a good perspective of the creative arts.
• Other recreational activities that you can consider, especially during the summer months include making paper kites for flying at the beach or the park, swimming, hanging out at the beach or creating a sandcastle.

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